About Us

TidyUp Founders

TidyUp is a brand dedicated to help you find your calm and make your life more convenient. 

Our mission is to provide well thought-off, effective and more sustainable solutions which protect, preserve and add value to your valued products.

Our consciously created product line includes organisers, shapemates, shoemates, rebags and much more. All our products ensure that you stay organised, your loved products stay in their optimum condition, and last as long as possible. Whether traveling, storing, or displaying your bags and shoes TidyUp is an easy, practical, and sustainable solution. 

At TidyUp quality, design and craftsmanship take high precedence. We’re always thinking about how to marry form and function to create products that add value to people’s lives.

Paridhi Sekhri Co-Founder TidyUP
Paridhi Sekhri, Co-Founder TidyUP, is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur in the fashion accessories and lifestyle industry. She is the Creative Director of The Boho Bungalow and co-founder of TidyUP, a company that provides organising solutions. With a degree in Business and Marketing from IILM University and a Fashion Designing Diploma from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, Paridhi brings a unique perspective to her roles. Her expertise and vision position TidyUP as a player in the fashion, accessories, and lifestyle industries.”

Vani Talwar Co-Founder TidyUP
Vani Talwar Khosla, Co-Founder TidyUP, spearheads the overall operations and is responsible for devising strategic business, marketing, and growth roadmaps. Vani is a seasoned entrepreneur who spotted a gap in a premium grooming concept in India (in 2013) and started The Powder Room Delhi (a premium mobile hair and makeup service). Similarly, she realised that everyone needs products that add value and longevity to the things they value, hence Co-Founded TidyUP. She pursued Marketing and Supply Chain Management from PennState University, USA, and completed her master's in Luxury Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni, Milan.