Shapemate Essential Tips

We are aware that improper maintenance can cause irreversible damage to a bag, and our product designers make precise calculations for the space structure of each bag and hence suggest below to keep in mind while choosing and using your shapemates:

Tidy Up Shapemates are as flexible as you need them to be. Use one or stack them horizontally or vertically for a perfect fit. You can use a single piece or mix and match sizes in any bag.

Always choose a product whose dimensions are slightly smaller than your bags external measurements.

Bags with center partition: choose a product whose width is less than half the width of your bag. You can place a shapemate on each side of the bag.

Hardbound bags: choose a product whose measurements are 1 inches larger than your bags measurements.

Round and differently shaped handbags: please mix and match shapemates as per your need.

Never over-stuff your bag, this will ruin the bags shape.


Storage and Care Instructions

Before use, slightly massage the TidyUp ShapeMates with an open palm to equally spread and retain its shape (inner fibers may shift during shipping)

Be sure to alternate your shapemates positions between uses for best results.

Always store in a dry safe place away from direct sunlight or hot-lights.

For bags with straps and hardware - simply place insert inside, tighten straps to allow moderate support from within and store.

To prevent stretching and marks do not completely close bags like the Hermes Birkin.

Whenever possible store bags like your Kelly and Birkin, laying down to prevent creasing.

Replace your Shapemates every 2 years, specially if you live in a high humidity areas.

steam press to remove creases from the shapemates.

Surface clean and dry-clean only.