Organiser Essential Tips

We are aware that improper maintenance can cause irreversible damage to a bag, and our product designers make precise calculations for the space structure of each bag and hence suggest below to keep in mind while choosing your organiser:

Always choose a product whose dimensions are smaller than your bags external

Hardbound bags: choose a product that measures at least 1 inche less than your bags measurements.

Note: Hardbound shoulder bags like Chanel and Diorama have a base that will push up your organisers hence choose an organiser with a smaller height.

Bags with center partitions: choose a product whose width is less than half the width of your bag. You can place an organiser on each side of the bag.

Small bags: Ensure to consider the height and top flap/closing of your bag. Hight should not be  the closing flap.

Prism shaped bags: Eg. Hermes Kelly, Goyard Saigon; Choose a product that is 1inch smaller than the external measurements of your bag.

Round shaped bags (with no defined width): Choose a product whose width should be less, e.g. LongShae / Shae Slender / Mini Shae

Slouchy soft leather tote bags: Choose a product whose measurements should be the same as the actual bag.