Measuring Your Bag


To measure your bag accurately from inside, please refer to the above image. Measure the interior Length, Width and Height of Your Handbag using a Measuring Tape, then compare it with the dimensions of the our product.

Always choose a product that has smaller dimensions than your bag.

Understanding What a Purse Measurement Is

Purse measurements are made up of three measurements. The first is the length (L), the second is the height (H), and the third is the width (W).

How to Measure the Length of a Handbag

This measurement is taken from the inside base of the bag. You will measure along the base, drawing the measuring tape from left to right, from corner to corner. Length is calculated by measuring the base at its longest points.

How to Measure the Height of a Handbag

This measurement is taken in the middle of the purse. You'll measure from the inside hem of the bag to the bottom hem. Width is calculated by measuring the distance between the two longest sides at the base. You won't count the handles or straps in your measurement.

How to Measure the Width of a Handbag

The measurement for the width of the bag is taken from the side of the handbag. You'll measure this from the handbag base, drawing the measuring tape from the back to the front of the handbag, alongside the base.

When using measurements from the website please note:

There isn't a set standard for listing handbag dimensions. Some designers and handbag manufacturers don't use the typical L/H/W (Length/Height/Width). Instead, they list the dimensions of their bags as H/W/D (Height/Width/Depth). This can cause confusion. It helps to compare instances as:

Height=Height (same)
Width =Length