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Chainmates Medio

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Tailored for short, small chains and handles.

Our soft and velvety Chainmates protect your bag's exteriors, preventing damage and wear and tear. They ensure perfect storage and organization.


Our Chainmates are crafted from luxurious and soft velvet, specifically quilted to maintain its plushness, flexibility, and durability over an extended period.


L 20 * H 12 cms - L 8 * H 5 inches

Care information

Our Chainmate is low-maintenance and doesn’t require frequent care. You can promptly wipe off any spills. In case cleaning is necessary, we suggest dry cleaning only.

To remove wrinkles or creases from your Chainmate, you can use a steam iron at low heat.


Each of our Chainmates is meticulously packaged in monogrammed tissue paper and a dust bag, ensuring their careful presentation, and includes an information card for your convenience.

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