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Shoemates Mix Pack

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Shoemates handbag protectors made with high quality fabric and added silica gel sachet

Excellent way to keep your bags organized, dust free and easy to access.

The see through design allow you to view the contents directly without opening it.


Our shoemates are made of soft & premium velvet, with a lightweight fiber-fill filliing. The pillow retains its feel, flexibility, and durability for a long period of time.


Pointy Piccolo: L 12* W 8 * H 3 cms - L 4.7 * W 3.1 * H 1.9 inches, Mia Medico: L 11* W 8 * H 3.5 cms - L 4.3 * W 3.4 * H 1.4 inches, Glen Grande: L 13 * W 10 * H 4 cms - L 5 * W 4 * H 1.5 inches, Longie: L 21.5 * W 10.5 * H 10.5 cms - L 8.5 * W 4 * H 4 inches

Care information

The Shoemate pillow insert is easy to care for and doesn’t need frequent maintenance. You can wipe off spills immediately. If you need to wash it, we recommend dry cleaning only.

If you have creases on your Shoemate you can steam iron the Shoemate at low heat to remove wrinkles.


All our Shoemates come carefully placed in a monogram dust bag and contain an info card.

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