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Platemate Guards Piccolo

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Plate Guards offer the perfect solution for safeguarding each plate individually, featuring a soft fabric guard placed between to prevent scratches and other damages.

Crafted from premium-grade quilted velvet, they ensure superior protection for your fine china and dinnerware during storage or transportation, preventing scratching and chipping while preserving the coating of your plates.

The package includes a total of 12 dividers, ideal for protecting your precious items and maintaining their pristine condition.

Simply place a plate storage protector in between each plate to ensure comprehensive protection.


Plate Guards made of a double velvet base enhancing both durability and aesthetic appeal.


Diameter 18 cms - Diameter 7 inches

Care information

TidyUp Plate guards are low-maintenance and durable, needing minimal care. Avoid sharp edges to prevent tears. For cleaning, dry clean only. To remove creases, gently steam iron at low heat.


Each set of our Plate Guards is elegantly packaged in a black satin bag, delicately tied with a ribbon for added sophistication.

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