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Tidy Up

Snoozemate Grande

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TidyUp Snoozemate Grande is our XL linen organizer, specially crafted for King bedding sets. It simplifies the tasks of folding, storing, and identifying your linens.

This spacious organizer keeps linens clean, featuring a transparent window to showcase colors and patterns, and a sturdy pull tab for convenient access. Portable, and designed to save space, it can be positioned either vertically or horizontally in your linen closet and easily collapses flat when not in use.


Composed of 100% Cotton Twill with a twill weave, layered with a 2mm felt fabric that is high quality, pliable, flexible, lightweight, and exceptionally durable over time.


L 63* W 41 * H 21 cms - L 25 * W 16 * H 8 inches

Care information

Snoozemate requires minimal maintenance. In case of cleaning, we recommend dry cleaning and prompt wiping off of spills.


Each Snoozemate is elegantly packaged in a charming muslin bag and wrapped with our signature monogrammed tissue paper. Your package also includes a comprehensive information card.

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