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Tidy Up

Platemates Piccolo

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The pinnacle of elegance for streamlined living. Seamlessly store and organize your delicate dinner plates with finesse, freeing yourself from cumbersome boxes and easily distinguishing your cherished pieces. 

Meticulously crafted from premium-grade quilted velvet, it marries luxury with functionality. Designed to accommodate up to 24 plates, it ensures your sets remain intact and accessible. 

Elevate your plate protection further by pairing it with our Plateguards.


The outer layer of Platemate piccolo boasts a quilted velvet base complemented by a sheer recyclable plastic window, ensuring visibility of your stored items. Its innovative dual-fabric composition includes a soft satin-like inner covering paired with velvet on top, enhancing both durability and aesthetic appeal. Complete with a dual zipper system, it offers effortless access to your belongings.


L 21.5* H 16 cms - L 8.5 * H 6.3 inches

Care information

TidyUp Platemates are low-maintenance and durable, needing minimal care. Collapse and fold flat for easy storage. Avoid sharp edges to prevent tears. For cleaning, dry clean only. To remove creases, gently steam iron at low heat.


Each of our Platemates is elegantly packaged in a black satin bag, delicately tied with a ribbon for added sophistication. Inside the package, you'll discover a detailed information card accompanying your product, ensuring you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

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